3 Ways to Save Money on Car Hire

Hiring a car while away on vacation is arguably one of the best options for touring the country. Whether you plan to visit coastal beaches or hard-to-reach areas, such as the Australian outback, car rentals help you explore the countryside at your own pace. However, car rental requires a careful approach, especially when visiting a new country. If you do not take your time, you might end up paying more than you should. This article highlights easy ways of saving money when renting a car for a vacation. Read on.

Book Early

The first and arguably the easiest way to save money on car hire is to book early. Most people wait until the last minute and expect to find a good deal waiting for them. Waiting until it is too late exposes you to high rental costs. Ideally, the best time to book a car is when you decide on a vacation destination. The best part is that most service providers offer free cancellation. It means that you can book early but choose to cancel your reservation without incurring any costs if you find a better deal elsewhere. 

Fuel Policy

Car hire services have varying fuel policies, which you must pay close attention to when shopping. Most firms rent out their cars with a full tank and ask you to return the vehicle empty. Although it might sound like a good and convenient deal upfront, you lose money if not planning for a long road trip. A better alternative is the full-to-full fuel policy, where a client must return a rental car with a full tank. It means that you will only fill up what you have used. Thus, you do not pay for any fuel you didn't need to use during your trip, saving a lot of money.

Use Independent Excess Insurance

When you book a car hire service, a rental firm includes basic insurance in the cost. However, you are required to pay a huge excess in the event of a claim. In some cases, the excess is designed to scare clients into buying extra insurance, but it only increases rental costs. The best way to save money on insurance is to purchase a separate excess policy from an independent insurer. In the unlikely event of an incident, you pay the excess to a car hire firm and claim the same amount from the independent insurer.  

Talk to a car hire service for more information.